Hi Huntress, it's nice to meet you.

My name is Alex Yoder,

I think we'd make a great fit.


My Current Role:

I am currently the Marketing Manager for D.M. Bowman, Inc., a transportation and logistics company based in Williamsport, MD. In my role, I develop and manage all marketing initiatives and campaigns based on the company objectives and goals. The overall purposes of the marketing measures include: recruiting drivers, adding freight business, and improving the overall brand awareness of the company. Part of my responsibilities includes overseeing and maintaining the company’s marketing budget exceeding $700k annually.


Not only do I oversee the marketing initiatives, but I am also am the one to carry them out. I am a self-taught graphic designer and have created over 250 different items for D.M. Bowman in the past year alone including; brochures, business cards, flyers, booklets, posters, billboards, direct mailers, digital presentations, email marketing designs, videos, landing pages, and digital ads.


In addition to design work, I manage and work to improve lead generation campaigns, measuring and reporting results and effectiveness of all marketing communications to the executive team. I also oversee all social media sites and coordinate all company social advertising. 

I am a big supporter of results-driven marketing strategies with measurable ROI, and rely on my ability to learn to continue to grow.

A Few Highlights

  • Over 115,000 users visited our website and viewed nearly 250,000 pages.

  • Recorded over 4,745,000 impressions on with over 3,500 direct leads collected...on Facebook alone.

  • Nearly 400 drivers hired as a direct result of marketing initiatives. 


Breathing new life into a brand image that has been stagnant for decades is no easy task.

Here are a few examples of design projects from 2019


Would you like to see more?

In 2015, I started my own freelance design business.

I am a driven and hard-working individual ready to take on a new marketing role in a new industry. Having worked in corporate settings at two established, long-running companies, I am interested in joining a newer company that treats it's employees as valuable assets. As I have become familiar with Expel, I have become excited at the thought of joining the ranks of a company that sells a great service while motivating their employees to grow and perform at the highest level.

I greatly appreciate your consideration and look forward to hearing from you!