Social Media Marketing

Search Algorithms, Paid Targeted Ads, Digital Conversion Rates, Advertising Strategy.

If you are familiar with these terms but do not know how to use them to the advantage of your business, consider outsourcing your social media pages to Alex Yoder Design.  


A monthly payment will provide you a marketing professional to setup and run your Facebook page (Twitter and Instagram Pages are additional options as well) in an efficient manner that will drive customer traffic to your site. With over 1.8 billion active users, a strong presence on Facebook can help build a strong brand presence that will create many leads and future customers.

Many organizations are seeing the ever-increasing value of hiring a full time social media manager to actively promote their business. However, this is not nearly as feasible for a small-time business owner. With Alex Yoder Design, you now have the ability to always have a social media manager and graphic designer in your corner.

What's Included in the Monthly Cost?

  • Custom Designed Cover Photo and Profile Picture

  • Page Setup and Administrative Structure

  • 8 Facebook Posts per month

  • Posts will include a mixture of the following: custom content, custom graphics, product/service ads, holiday posts, links to content applicable to customers, posts related to news with the business, etc.

  • Facebook Advertising Strategy and Targeting (Ad costs are included in the monthly payment)

  • Daily Monitoring of Social Media Accounts

  • Customer Relations Management

  • Reporting on growth and ad impressions